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  1. Which undies best describe you?

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  2. Which pajamas are you more likely to sleep in?

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  3. You decide to have a sexy night in. Which lingerie set are you more likely to wear?

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  4. Which lingerie brand do you prefer?

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  5. Which would be your ideal date night?

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  6. Which lipstick best suits you?

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  7. Which of these items would make you blush… in a good way ;)?

    • Blush-mild
    • Blush-medium
    • Blush-hot
  8. You’ve been invited to a costume party. Which are you more likely to wear?

    • Costume-mild
    • Costume-medium
    • Costume-hot
  • Sexy-side-mild
    Mild Maven

    A conservative lover, you play it safe when it comes to the game of love. You are faithful, honest and shy but you are willing to try new things. You’re curious to find out what you’re missing out on but are quick to blush.

  • Sexy-side-spicy
    Foxy Fashionista

    You’re a flirtatious, sexy lover who likes to keep it hot but knows where to draw the line before burning. You like to experiment, but you don’t want to go too far off the grid. You enjoy the pleasure more than the play, and you like to indulge yourself.

  • Sexy-side-hot
    Daring Diva

    You are the epitome of a “lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets.” According to you, anything goes. You like to test the waters and get creative in the bedroom. Erotic sexual encounters turn you on and you are not scared to take control.